MCA Race Reds Series Coilovers

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                          MCA Race Reds Series Coilovers


Recognised for its performance and flexibility in motorsport, the Red Series is currently the control shock for several racing classes. Custom valved to suit any tarmac application, dyno tuned and choice of springs all align to deliver the potential for one of the best handling packages in the world

MCA Suspension is a high-end, custom motorsport suspension manufacturer based in South East Queensland, Australia. We build, from scratch and in-house, some of the best suspension in the world to suit any vehicle for any application. Whilst specialising in Gravel Rally, Tarmac Rally, Time Attack, Circuit Racing and Drifting we have designed and built premium suspension packages for almost every form of motorsport on the planet. And because we design and build our own suspension in house, we can make something to suit any car, no matter the configuration or level of modification.

  • One of our more well known cars would be the MCA Hammerhead Time Attack S13. MCA built it when Murray decided to enter World Time Attack, which is an international level event held at Eastern Creek once a year. This event brings the best in the world every year to battle it out for the fastest lap. After building the S13 and finishing on the podium for the last 4 years, and the winner of the event for the last 4 years being a car running MCA suspension, MCA has well and truly cemented itself as the go-to brand for automotive suspension excellence.

    ****Please note:  Lead time is approximately 10 working days as these are assembled to order. ****

Optional Extras
  • Stealth (black Colour factory look) 
  • Camber Washes (where Applicable to further fine tune your cars stance)
  • Custom Springs (Select your own spring rates to your liking)
  • Adjuster Extenders (for remote damper adjustment, available in 20cm or 40cm lengths)
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